New Look Infield

The Brewers are entering the second year of their rebuild (if you are already tired of that word, be patient, it will be worth it) and General Manager David Stearns has been busy. It really shows when you compare the current Brewer infield to last season’s Opening Day starters. Continue reading “New Look Infield”

Brewers In The Hall Of Fame

Five members of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame have spent some time with the Milwaukee Brewers, with two of them being inducted as Brewers. Here is a look at each of the five and their contributions to the Brewers. Continue reading “Brewers In The Hall Of Fame”

A Look At The 2017 Brewers

Year 1 of the rebuild is almost complete. We have seen the best catcher that the Brewers ever developed get traded, along with the 2 pitchers that were supposed to split the closer’s role. The shortstop that was supposed to be a placeholder for the top prospect played his way into the long term plans. And that prospect has come up and shown a little bit of what he can do. Continue reading “A Look At The 2017 Brewers”