Brew Crew Fever Podcast Episode 011

Welcome to Episode 011 of the Brew Crew Fever Podcast. This week, we look at the Red Sox and Mets series, the latest injury news, the team’s first inning successes, and the pitching woes. I profile Eric Thames and I take a question from one of my listeners. Continue reading “Brew Crew Fever Podcast Episode 011”

Milwaukee Brewers April Report Card

The Brewers had a better month of April than many of the experts expected. Let’s take a look at they did. Continue reading “Milwaukee Brewers April Report Card”

New Look Infield

The Brewers are entering the second year of their rebuild (if you are already tired of that word, be patient, it will be worth it) and General Manager David Stearns has been busy. It really shows when you compare the current Brewer infield to last season’s Opening Day starters. Continue reading “New Look Infield”

Brewers First Half Report Card

The Brewers have just finished their 81st game, a rain-soaked 9-8 loss in St. Louis. They have a 35-46 record, which is a little better than what some of the experts thought and a little worse than what I expected. Continue reading “Brewers First Half Report Card”

The Case For Brewer All-Stars

There are four Brewers that deserve consideration for the All-Star Game. For a team that is in its first year of a rebuild, they have been doing pretty well. These four players, especially, have kept the Brewers performing above expectations for the 2016 season. Continue reading “The Case For Brewer All-Stars”

My All-Star Ballot

Now that we are into June, it’s a good time to look at the All-Star ballot. There have been enough games to see how players are doing and we have seen some serious injuries.

Continue reading “My All-Star Ballot”

Brewer Player and Pitcher of the Week

The Brewers had a great week, sweeping the Braves and taking 2 of 3 from the Reds. A 5-run 7th inning prevented the Brewers from sweeping the Reds, but they still finished the week at 5-1. Continue reading “Brewer Player and Pitcher of the Week”