Josh Hader

Josh Hader is a left-handed pitcher that the Brewers picked up from the Astros as part of the Carlos Gomez deal. He was originally drafted by the Orioles straight out of high school in 2012. He worked his way quickly up to AA in 2014, but has been at that level since.

Josh Hader
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Hader has been dominating in his 9 starts with Biloxi this season. He is 1-1 with a 0.79 ERA with 59 strikeouts in 45.2 innings. In 5 of his starts, he did not give up an earned run and he gave up just 1 earned run in each of the other 4.

His best start of the year so far was on on May 16 at Charlotte. He went 6 scoreless innings giving up just 4 hits and 1 walk while striking out 8. He also had a hitless start on April 18 against Pensacola, going 4 innings, walking 3 and striking out 7.

Hader leads the Southern League in ERA and strikeouts and is second in WHIP. He is quickly becoming the pitcher that the Brewers envisioned when he came over from the Astros.

Brewer fans are excited, especially because the starting pitching in Milwaukee was so poor to start the season. Some were calling for Hader to be called up to help the struggling staff, but have since backed off since the big league staff is improving.

There is a chance that Hader gets promoted to AAA Colorado Springs and/or a September call-up this season. He will probably start next season at Colorado Springs and could spend the whole season there. If all goes well, expect to see Hader as a permenant part of the Brewer rotation in 2018.

That rotation in 2018 could include Jimmy Nelson as the ace, Chase Anderson, Zach Davies, and Adrian Houser. If all 5 of them live up to their potential, the Brewer pitching staff will be something to be reckoned with.

Until then, Hader will continue to dominate the Southern League. His next start scheduled for Saturday against Mobile. Hader went 5 innings and gave up 1 run on 4 hits and no walks while striking out 7 against Mobile on April 12.

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  1. why would they leave him in the minors so long? I think he will compete for a job starting next year in spring training, if not being called up this year. There is no need to send him to triple A. If you look in the past anyways, brewers have not really used triple A with their top prospects. Its one of the reasons why Nashville left, and why we are stuck now in Col Springs.
    Which of course is just anther reason, to never send hader there. Why put him in a position where he has to make half of his starts in a place that is known for being offensive friendly. No need for that.

    Also-if you are looking at 2018- I think you have to put Diplan in that place as well. He is only 19 right now, but he is going to get promoted very fast throughout the minors. The guy is purely dominated right now in single A, its almost unfair, if you take out his first start of the season the man has a 0.25 ERA in 40 plus innings. I can see him in Double A by next year- and being a september call up.

    1. Hader isn’t ready for the big leagues yet. The jump from AA to AAA is the biggest in the Minors, especially for pitchers. The situation in Colorado Springs is terrible, but that’s what we have. The front office and coaching staff know this and focus more on how they pitch rather than their numbers. Hader needs to face guys at the AAA level on a regular basis before he comes up for good. I think there is a good chance that we do see him in September, but I don’t think he’ll be part of next season’s Opening Day rotation.

  2. Hader is not ready for major league batters? Nor are the Brewer’s pitching staff in large part. He throws in the mid to upper nineties . . .he dominates in a big way at double AA. There must be some chance he is called up earlier than you anticipate. And, why not see what he can do given that the Brewers are unlikely to be going anywhere near the playoffs with this staff.

    1. AA to AAA is a huge jump, and the big leagues is another huge jump. He’s dominating at the AA level right now, but Major League hitters will hit him hard. His fastball is excellent, but his slider is not a Major League slider yet and he is still working on his changeup. He needs to be able to command all 3 pitches in order to be a big league starter, otherwise the hitters will wait for the fastball and crush it.

      He is ace material, but he has some things to work on. He looks ready for the big leagues when he’s facing AA hitters, but that will change in a hurry. Unfortunately, our AAA team is in Colorado Springs, which is very hitter-friendly. At this stage, it is better for him to see positive results while working on his command.

      I still see him making some appearances in September, but he will probably be in AAA next season, but he will have the experience of seeing big league hitters and know what to work on. I do anticipate him getting called up next year, but I do not think he’ll make the Opening Day roster. I think he will be our ace in 2018.

      There is no reason to rush him this year. The Brewers are not going to make the playoffs this year even if he comes up and does as well in Milwaukee as he is doing in Biloxi. Be patient, he has some things to learn. He will be worth the wait.

      1. sorry just don’t agree with that, with someone is dominating that much you don’t leave them in the minors, and look at the brewers recent history. they dont really like to move their stars to aaa. i am shocked they did that with Aricia last year.
        Guys have made the jump from single A to the majors and dominated, look at Jose Fernandez.

        I think your timeline is way off base, I would actually say it would be a huge disappointment if he is not up in-till 2018, its not as if he is a highschool player who just go into AA this year after being 2 years in the minors. This will be haders third year in AA.

        I would say Hader up later this year – Diplan up by end of next season., Seriously Diplan is a future ace level guy.

        You also can’t discount guys like Buckhalter- i see him more of an RP though. Devin Williams had a good year, but kind of sucks he got hurt.

        And never can forget about Wang. He is finally succeeding. The brewers made a bold move putting him on waivers. But they were able to get him back. It looks like he will be in the majors someday at very least an RP

        1. Jose Fernandez did succeed, but that is unusual. He had pitched 134 innings in a season before he got called up. Hader has not pitched more than 123 innings yet, and he only had 104 last year.

          Look at what Julio Urias did last week. He had been dominating at the AAA level, came up and got rocked, and now is back in AAA. The jump from AA is a huge one. Hader can rely on his velocity down there, but if he does not have command, the Major League hitters will light him up.

          With all this being said, we are only disagreeing about a year. I think he will see a little action this September, start next year in AAA, maybe come up mid-season, and be on the 2018 Opening Day roster.

          I like Diplan a lot, but he will not be in Milwaukee next year. He’s a 19 year old kid that needs some serious development before he is ready. I do agree that he will be ace material, though. As for Wang, he impressed me when he was in Milwaukee. He was clearly overmatched, but he never gave in.

          And thank you for adding your input. I enjoy hearing what other fans are thinking.

  3. The biggest jump in the minors in A+ to AA. AA to AAA is actually considered one of the smaller jumps in the minors.

    1. I have actually had a chance to talk to some pro scouts recently, and they tend to agree with you about A+ to AA being the bigger jump. While we did not talk specifically about Hader, the general consensus was the biggest issue with a AA pitcher going straight to the big leagues would be the increase in workload. If he is stretched out and has pitched 170+ innings in the past, it could work. If he hasn’t, then it would be risky for anything other than a September call-up that would consist of spot starts and pitching out of the bullpen.

    2. well yeah AA to AAA isn’t that bad considering a lot of teams put most of their top prospects on AA teams. Brewers did this for years- basically never even using the AAA team- which is why Nashville kicked us out. It sucks that the brewers literally have the worst minor league AAA team. Colorado Springs seriously, who’s idea was it to put a stadium there? You are asking your top pitching prospects to go there-and succeed? I would of rather left Lopez and hader in the minors- than put them in the terrible position of Col Springs. The problem is- brewers don’t even own any of their minor league teams. Hopefully they can get a better AAA team city soon- because Col springs just isn’t cutting it.

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