My Baseball Card Collection

I started collecting baseball cards in 1979 with just a few packs of cards. I do not remember which cards I had, but I do remember the baseball with the Topps logo and the banner with the team name. The first card that I remember having, and I still have, is a 1980 Topps Jerry Augustine card.


Over the next 35+ years, I have managed to collect almost every Brewer and Pilot card from the Topps regular, traded, and update sets. To date, that includes 1,331 cards. On top of that, I collect player cards from my baseball heroes and the team photo cards to bring my total to 1,593.

Baseball Cards

My Heroes

My baseball heroes include Brooks Robinson, Ozzie Smith, Gary Carter, Jim Gantner, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jonathan Lucroy. I do have doubles of Gantner and Lucroy so that I have complete sets for the Brewers and the player collections. I also have doubles of the Brewer team photo cards for the same reason.

I am at the point now where I am, for the most part, maintaining the Brewer collection, adding the new cards when they come out. I do have some older Brewer cards that I still need to get, such as the update sets from 2005-2009 (I’m not sure how I missed those).

My heroes collections, aside from Robinson, are all complete. Since Lucroy is still playing, I need to add his cards every year. Robinson is the tough one because of how expensive some of his cards are and because of how long he played. I have 23 of his cards, but I still need 15 to complete the set, including his rookie card.

Team Cards

Team Cards

My latest subject to collect is the team photo cards. I have always enjoyed those cards and I wish Topps would start printing them again. This collection will take a while to complete, as there are 729 of them. I have 118 of them so far, so I have 611 to go.

The team cards go as far back as 1956, so some of them are going to be expensive. These cards have some of the greats of the game, Hall of Famers such as Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays. The oldest team cards I have, aside from the 1969 Pilots card that is part of my Brewer franchise set, is from 1970.

My Collection


Every week, I will be showcasing part of my collection. It may be an individual card, a set of one player, or a year. I may feature some cards that are not Brewers from time to time, but most of the time I will be showing off my Brewer franchise collection.

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