About Me


DJ Weller

I’m a sports writer and editor originally from Milwaukee. I have lived in Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Florida, but now I am back home.

I started writing for the All Out Sports Network in the summer of 2015, covering the MLB, NFL, NCAA football, and NASCAR. In 2016, I was promoted to the Baseball Section Editor, which involves coordinating our staff of MLB writers and editing their work as well as writing. In my weekly feature, Behind the Plate with DJ, I cover some of the interesting things that happened in the Major Leagues.

As much as I love writing for AOSN, we’d need a much larger staff to cover every team individually. That is where Brew Crew Fever comes in. I am passionate about the Brewers and this is my outlet for extensive Brewer coverage. I am happy to say that Brew Crew Fever is a part of the Champion Sports Network (CSN), which will launch later this summer.

CSN is a network of writers that cover teams in all of the major sports leagues. I am proud to be providing Brewer coverage for them.  I am looking forward to bringing you news and information about the Brewers!