Brewer Player and Pitcher of the Week

The Brewers had a great week, sweeping the Braves and taking 2 of 3 from the Reds. A 5-run 7th inning prevented the Brewers from sweeping the Reds, but they still finished the week at 5-1. Continue reading “Brewer Player and Pitcher of the Week”

Trade Chips: Braun and Lucroy

The Brewers are rebuilding this season, which brings along with it trade rumors involving everybody on the roster. The Brewers have two really good trade chips in Ryan Braun and Jonathan Lucroy. Continue reading “Trade Chips: Braun and Lucroy”

My Baseball Card Collection

I started collecting baseball cards in 1979 with just a few packs of cards. I do not remember which cards I had, but I do remember the baseball with the Topps logo and the banner with the team name. The first card that I remember having, and I still have, is a 1980 Topps Jerry Augustine card. Continue reading “My Baseball Card Collection”