1974 Brewer Topps Set

My first “old” Brewer card that I got was a 1974 Bill Parsons Topps card. By “old” I mean a card from before I started collecting in 1979.

1974 Topps Bill Parsons

I bought it at a neighborhood rummage sale for 10 cents. The ironic thing about the Parson’s card is that he spent the first 3 years of his 4 year career with the Brewers, but was with the Oakland A’s in 1974.

74 Set 1

The 1974 Topps set included 28 cards featuring Brewers, including 3 cards that highlight rookies from around the league. Two of those cards are from the traded set, Felipe Alou and Tom Murphy.

Crandall 74

There are several cards of note in this set. Del Crandall’s manager card features pictures of his coaches, and Harvey Kuenn is among them. The Gorman Thomas rookie card has him posed swinging the bat, wearing the number 44. Charlie Moore is one of four catchers on the 1974 rookie catchers card.

74 Set 3

There are several other notable Brewer players in the 1974 set. Third baseman Don Money was in his second season with the Brewers. Catcher Darrell Porter was in his second full season in the Majors. Jim Slaton led the 1974 Brewers with 13 wins and 3 shutouts.

The Brewers finished with a 76-86 record, good for fifth place 15 games behind the Orioles in the AL East. Though they finished dead last in batting average in the American League, they had the fifth most home runs and the third most doubles. The pitching staff had the fewest amount of strikeouts and complete games while having the worst strikeout to walk ratio.

74 Set 2

The biggest storyline for the 1974 Brewers, though it was not represented in the Topps card set, was the arrival of an 18 year old shortstop named Robin Yount. Yount’s rookie season did not provide the stats that he would eventually achieve, but his potential was obvious.

This team finished with the best record up to that point in franchise history, and it remained the best record until the 1978 team finished above .500. It was also the only time they finished less than 21 games out of first place until 1978.

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