Brew Crew Fever Podcast Episode 016

The Brewers have been struggling since the All-Star Break, going 11-18 and suffering 2 separate 6-game losing streaks. Even with all of that, they are just 2 games behind the Cubs in the NL Central.

New Addition

The Brewers acquired Neil Walker from the Mets for a player to be named later. Walker is a good addition to the team even if it is only a rental.

Power Surge

The Brewer offense finally got going over the weekend. They have been struggling mightily since the All-Star Break, but they had a power surge against the Reds.


Ryan Braun is coming up on a milestone home run. He is the club’s all-time home run leader and will be for many years to come.

4 thoughts on “Brew Crew Fever Podcast Episode 016”

  1. Of course we understood from the start this would not be Milwaukee’s year to get into the post. But the one glaring thing I hope we learn from this “bottoming out” is that our hitters simply must learn to put the bat on the ball in a variety of ways. More bunting, more hitting to the opposite field, more shortening of stroke, learning to protect the plate by becoming bad ball hitters. These are the things that can get us OUT of these incredible offensive funks such as we’ve just experienced. It was great to see the power return over the weekend, but if we haven’t learned the lessons listed above and are willing to practice them on a regular basis, we’ll be right back in the same spot a year from now.

    1. Yes. That is why I think bringing in Walker was a good idea. He does not strike out often. This team needs to learn how to make contact.

      1. STRIKEOUTS: This stat alone says “vat loads” on what’s wrong with this Brewers team right now, to underscore the point you made about needing to learn how to make contact: the Brewers lead THE MAJOR LEAGUES with 1,178 strikeouts; Tampa Bay is next with a comparable 1,163, followed by Oakland and San Diego whose totals are significantly lower. I didn’t even realize it was this bad!!! How is it possible we are even still in the race??? It seems we’ve been perennial leaders in this category, so why is nothing changing? Can’t a team be a power team AND be a contact team at the same time or is this just impossible in the MLB today?

        1. The league has changed. Hitters don’t shorten up with 2 strikes any more. My problem with the Brewers is that hitters like Villar and Broxton are striking out so much. Their job is to get on base, steal some bases, and be there for the middle of the lineup to drive then in.

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